Eastwood Photography (formerly Capture Le Coeur) have been in the photography business for the past 5 years (Atleast!) Our former name, which is now our moto, is also our label and for those (like us) who hated languages at school, its meaning takes a bit of thought. But then so do our images. Our moto runs deep…. We always strive to ‘Capture The Heart’. The heart of the subject, the heart of the person, the heart of the occasion and the heart of the event. Some cultures of the world believed in the early days of photography that a photograph could not only capture an image in time, but even the soul of the individual. They were not entirely wrong in our opinion. Photography is so much more than an arty image. It’s a record of a time, a place, a person, an expression, a look , yes even the soul of the person. As an art form, photographs can be made to be moody, colourful and characterful.
Digital imaging has given new and greater horizons but always, it’s the basic image that is the granite with which a photographer will carve out the record you want. We cannot pretend to be mystics or illusionists but we do guarantee our commitment to presenting our clients with images that will have real meaning, enduring charm and be a warming reminder of the love and affection for the subject and/or event we are truly privileged to record. So please, let us put our name and images in your life.

During our time as photographers, we have become specialised in specific fields. Therefore focussing on these & giving you the best possible experiance, quality & service.

Kendra Eastwood